Commandments b, artist statement

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The perfect plan never becomes reality in my life. I am allergic to ‘correctness towards the power game’. Daily breathing records give me the reason why I have to survive. No matter how hard I try, I easily lose track of why I am doing this. I did not want to obey others’ rules, either. But how do I avoid all of the conspiracy behind the motto ‘this is right to do’? Am I too vulnerable to be a brave feminist? Or am I too curious to be professional? Or am I just enjoying being a ‘womad (woman + nomad)’ and womad evidence? I was unspeakable as an illegal alien. Maybe it’s time to have plan b. Anything goes with plan b. Plan b does not exist when there is the master plan with perfect structures for a certain aim. When Plan b validates a certain strategy, this implies Plan a already fell apart. This depression with anxiety evolves into collective evidences of existence. The exploration starts from small parts of the body and travels to another person’s body and these travels become movements.

‘Commandments b’ is a bitch guide and a Decalogue of an impolite idleness for bitches. One of the commandments ‘do not try too hard’ is the collective photography series of bedrooms. Each bedroom has short episodes or impressions when the artist visited each place. Train to broken dreams is mirror image from inside of train to suburb town, Casablanca, Leeds, Lancaster, Brighton, Marrakech, Paju, Ppusan, and Cheonan. The alien from this journey starts to report about Seoul neighbourhood with another journey to plan b. The performative photography of the title, Let’s meet at Midnight bravo bitches, bitch training course, unveils the stories of an un-conventional good girl / wannabe bitches encounter. Bitch is for ‘babe in total control of herself’ in this project. The artist invites people who are willing to take a bitch course to come at 12 am to the artist’s studio. After 8 hours training, girls get a qualification for being bitches. (Artist Statement, During the residency at Ssamzie Space)