5min 57sec, 10 Split HD 16 Screen environment, available on DVD

[…] “invisible gate in the dark jungle / faded old map for tomorrow / broken promise in the last year in the army / unwashed face in the busy train / thick shout with closed throat.”

Nightscanning is a dream-recording photographic diary capturing night-time in East London, UK, Pusan in South Korea, and Marrakech in Morocco. The story is about a lost woman who is trying to find her place to rest but then decided to stay as a wanderer. The camera angle is in the same position as the main protagonist in this night time capturing process. The piece is powerfully rooted in the environment of the artist. It was relocated to Poznan in Poland, being projected into the urban landscape there during the Re:Generacja II exhibition in 2007.

The camera angle is the viewpoint of the main protagonist in a night time capturing process. The footage explores different mediums of stillness. Moving images are presented as constituting both an imaginative and creative environment in their own right; multiple perspectives and realities co-exist within each.

The piece was created in the form of 16 multichannel screen environments, under the Artist-In-Residence programme 2007, MATRIX EAST, at the University of East London.