HD Single Channel Video 4’35’’

We are apart between oceans. When terror happens in one of our cities, we are only able to picture each other’s lives falling apart, but never able to experience the pain. Terror sleeps in everyday life, about to wake up. Our presence constantly slips away. I won’t write to you again. (Iohe)

A frozen rose in a fist of ice melts slowly on to a hand-written letter. Gradually the water blurs the ink on the page. This work shows the duration of decaying, staining and blurring. This work acts as a meta-companion to the works displayed with it in the solo exhibition, ‘Namhaegeumsan’ ; it reminds the audience of the fragility and liquidity and temporariness of language. The use of a flower encased in ice highlights the sometimes fraught relationship between symbolism, language and community.