‘Flux of Sleepings’ is a performance of sleeping rhythm and movement of different people. These spaces work to remind people of their sleep during everyday life in a 24-hour-day constant capital city life Seoul. Sleeping foregrounds the pause and rest before awakening; awaking to the voice of the mundane flow of life, and awaking from untranslated desire from the sleepless city that we live in. The video installation is documentation from the Anyangcheon, which is a tributary of the Han river. There is a river crossing near Geumcheon on the outskirts of Seoul. A number of rivers pass through the city landscape, as it modernises in the name of landscaping, gentrification, and sanitising urban life. ‘The Community of Proximate Sleep’ explores the experience, politics and poetics of sleep and sleepers emplaced in the city, which manifests a right to rest and stop.